You can still require your electoral id card until the 23 rd of august.

If you are an EU citizen, living in Milan you have the right to vote for your representatives both for the City council and the district council in the next Municipal election!

Milan has always been a crossroad of different cultures; your vote is essential to support its future developments: we stand for a greener, simpler, more international, equal and connected city. Do not miss the opportunity to make Milan even more open and international: get your electoral ID card, vote for the municipal elections, and help us build the future of Milan!


  1. You have up to 40 days from the date of the elections, which will be held on 3 rd and 4 th October 2021. Hurry up! You only have until the 23 rd of August to require the electoral ID card, which will remain valid until the request for cancellation or the loss of requirements (i.e the transfer to another municipality of the same MS or abroad).


  1. First you must subscribe to the electoral roll of the municipality of Milan. You can do it in 4 different ways:

You can use the simplified online procedure at this link. To fill in the form, register with your email address or SPID ID on the portal of the Municipality.

By email
Download and fill the form you can find here. Send it to

By post
Download and fill the form you can find here. Send it to this.

Ufficio Elettorale del Comune di Milano
Via Messina 52/54
20154 Milano, Italy

At the polling station
Download and fill the form you can find here. Print it and submit it in person at the Electoral Registration Offce in Via Messina 52/54, Milano (Open Monday to Friday at 8:30 – 12:00 and 14:30 – 15:30).

2. After the successful registration, the electoral ID card will be sent to you together with other important details, such as the relevant polling stations where you should vote.

3. Vote!


If that’s not enough for you and you want to get involved even more, fill out the form below and help us concretely in the Mayor’s electoral campaign. We already have plenty of hands, but the more points of view we have the better it is. If you also believe in an increasingly international vision of Milan, come with us!

Per sostenere maggiormente la campagna elettorale ti invitiamo ad utilizzare la nostra piattaforma per la raccolta delle donazioni.